Part 4 The “kidnapping” of Krove

Au Moulin Rouge : D'un Montmartre l'autre - Linternaute

Another arch-nemesis, another timeline almost destroyed, same old, same old… but at least, we finally realised who was the real culprit behind all of this (not that it should come as a surprise…) !

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Hogwarts 1 : Welcome to the “Hogwarts Experience” !

Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle Map Pictures to Pin on ...

So we had arrived in a magical universe… but we would quickly realised it was no fairyland, and that evil was trying to make a come-back after Harry and his friends defeated it 20 years before…

In fact, the holiday was so busy that I am only writing about it when we are about to leave…

I was going to know one of the most stressful time I had in the TARDIS , with all the secrets I had to keep from the others to protect them (not that successfully, I might add !).

But there were going to be some really enjoyable things as well, among them the chance to relive a more relaxed time at school (in spite of the threatening apocalypse !), and of course, my relationship with a certain reckless pirate…I guess there was balance in a way, that would please Pelemik !

But let us go back to the beginning of the school year, in grand Harry Potter tradition !

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2×00 Time Talks, or “Definitely nothing to worry about !”

Tout va très bien, Madame la Marquise, tout va très bien, tout va très bien…

As we went back to our own dimension, we were not supposed to worry about little details like the Collector (“dead, I say to you !”), a little time problem (“we have planned for every contingency !”) or anything else…so of course Ev won the bet (“Less than two minutes before we went into trouble once in our universe”) !

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