EoTO 1×04 part 2 (interlude) : Sky High

So, we start back on The Golden Revelation, on the run from the government and with a missing party member…

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EoTO 1×04 part 1 : Sky High

Crashing Neverland

We were swinging wildly between the vortex and somewhere else, being pulled in forcefully. We quickly arrived in the sky somewhere (with some kind of golden clouds), but were about to crash (seems to be a regular thing around here !)… everything was flying inside the TARDIS, but Anthony and I managed to get to the console (thanks to my faithful grappling hook, never go anywhere without one !) to help Archie stabilize us enough to materialise somewhere.

But our troubles were only beginning… Archie could not tell us when or where we were, and it made him quite panicked. Evelyn tried to reassure him and to make him understand that was how it was for us humans all the time since that Christmas Day, but he was still rattled… AI, so fragile ! I mean, it could not be worse than our last trip with the near end of the universe !

We could only see we were on some kind of flying sailing ship and thought it better to get dressed to confront whoever was on this ship.
Right on cue, that was when someone in a strange costume and with a sword came knocking at our door, ordering us to get out.

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EoTO 1×03 part 3 : Gideon’s Vendetta + Tardisode 6 Splinters of time

So, after Archie briefly made it clear how disappointed he was once again in all of us, we went back to explaining our plan to try and fix everything and he accepted to go along with it.

I (don’t) want my mummi(es) !

After the cables were finally connected, I stayed at the console to direct the jump into the vortex (with Anthony’s help) while Evelyn stayed in the TARDIS to control the transfer of the energy and Roy went back to the cargo bay to help Gideon and the others.

Evelyn and I both noticed that the energy coming from the TARDIS was exotic (even for time travelling !) but we did not have time to look into it… I jumped into the vortex along with the TARDIS, and it for a few seconds, it appeared to work… until we saw the new and corrupted version of the vortex : a nightmarish hellish vision compliment of Sutekh !

Moreover, mummies were coming to attack us and had apparently overpowered the Crocodilians and Gideon !

Meanwhile, Evelyn was in big trouble as the TARDIS seemed to have fallen under the dominion of Sutekh…

We were going to need a bigger ship…because nobody put mummies in the corner !

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