Magical Mammal


A fragment found one of the many messages of the being named Pelemik…

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Summer Special 1 The Wedding of the Epoch part 3

Well, perhaps I should stick to high society parties and politics, I am ready for them and know how to stay in control… whereas I am helpless in more esoteric settings, and this can lead to awful consequences ! I do not need Pelemik’s list to know everything I did wrong last time (I was useless or even made things worse !), no wonder he did not trust me on the field, my instincts and ideas seem too often to be deadly to those around me… perhaps I should go back to being a “normal” thief, at least I was only risking my own life back then…

But let us go back to when I could still handle the situation (and Pelemik was not bad either there) !

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