EoTO 1×02 : The Untimeables part two

Alright, here we go again !

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EoTO campain : TARDIS’ crew

Now that I have some time on my own in this strange « Zero room », I can finally gather my thoughts… I’ve know for a while there was more to the world than what appeared on the surface, but until yesterday, I could never imagine how strange and extraordinary it would turn out to be… that is why I’m starting this journal.
Besides, I do have a lot of questions about all this, and I intend to find answers quickly with or without Archie’s help !

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The Eternity of the other : DW campain from the other side of the screen !

While I’m still running my Doctor Who  campain (we’re in the second series, I have quite a lot of catching up to do on the blog), I’ve started another campain as a player !

This time it’s all in English (although my fellow players are submitted to my terrible marked French accent !) and we play on Discord as we are in 3 different countries (France, England and the US, an international campain !) !

I have a lot of fun being finally able to play and discover someone else’s mythology and mysteries (I love discovering/unraveling them as much as creating them) !

Anyway, I started to take detailed notes to remember important things and ended up writing a journal of the episodes’ events from my PC’s point of view, complete with sarcasm, puns and hints about my character’s past (I do love drama !).

So, our GM will also create a blog  with an edited version of my journal (there are other players who might read it) and I’ll post the link then, but I thought I would tell you about our adventures with the complete version for readers not involved directly in the campain !

Here is the pitch : During Christmas Eve 2009, every human being is changed in The Master, and the future appears bleak for the human race. Everyone ? No ! A few humans are rescued by a mysterious being who has a mission for them through all time and space in order to save Earth…

More articles on the way !

Les JDR les plus marquants de mon parcours rôliste

Petite mis à jour d’un post sur mon autre blog qui a toute place ici…

Après bientôt 20 ans de vie rôlistique, je me dis que ça ne serait pas une mauvaise idée de revenir sur les JDR qui m’ont vraiment marquée au fur et à mesure ! Avant les JDR proprement dits, il y a eu les « Livres dont vous êtes le héros » que j’ai pratiqués vers 11/12 ans et les jeux d’enfants d’exploration et d’aventure auxquels on jouait à la campagne (chez mes grands-parents). Mais parlons donc de ces jeux qui ont marqué mon parcours personnel…

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